Above-standard medical preventive checkups

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The aim of the above-standard medical preventive examination is to evaluate the current health status of the client and to estimate the risk of chronic diseases. We can provide you with a combination of examinations to meet your individual requirements. 

We provide expert consultation with an internal doctor with 20 years of experience in collaboration with other specialists. 

Content of above-standard medical preventive examination: 

  • Expert consultation
  • Blood / cholesterol, LDL, HDL, TAG, sodium, potassium, chlorides CRP, hsCRP, KO+dif…../
  • Urine chemically
  • ECG (Electrocardiography) – records the electrical activity of the heart, makes it possible to locate the disability and determine the extent of heart involvement
  • Spirometry – is a measurement of lung volume, indicating the current state and function of the airways
  • Vizus + perimeter – measurement of visual acuity + evaluation of state and functional changes of visual field
  • Audiometry – is a hearing test
  • Cold test – thus diagnosing cold allergy
  • Photoplethysmography – This method is used to investigate vascular patency, to detect vascular defects (blockage of blood vessels), to detect heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias) and to investigate the vegetative nervous system

Price: 195,00 € without VAT

Additional tests:

  • Blood test according to individual requirements with evaluation
  • Sonography of the cervical vessels
  • 24 hour Holter blood pressure test
  • Examination of stool for hidden bleeding in the prevention of intestinal cancer

Save a lot of time at a number of doctors and come to the medical examination to get us a complete examination of about 1 hour.


Expert consultations are provided by MUDr. Dana Vavricová, physician in the field of occupational health services, specializing in internal medicine and certified abdominal sonography in adults. 

Ask anything about your health condition, above-standard medical preventive checkups are a space to answer your questions about your health condition. 

Adress: BOZPO, s.r.o. Ambulancia pracovného lekárstva, Šumperská ulica č. 44, Prievidza

email: ambulancia@boz.sk
phone. no.: +421 948 143 049
website: www.boz.sk


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