Accredited Measurement Laboratory

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Safety and hygiene laboratory of the work environment.

– certificate No. S-310 on Accreditation – Safety and hygiene laboratory of the work environment

BOZPO, s.r.o. offers:

  • accredited measurement and evaluation of: noise in the workplace, thermal-humidity microclimate in the workplace, artificial lighting in the workplace.
  • modernly equipped workplace and modern technology,
  • consulting services and guidance,
  • a team of experts,
  • improving your work environment,
  • availability throughout Slovakia, flexibility, quality,
  • evaluation of the total physical load using the POLAR-RS400,
  • assessment of local muscular load using the EMG Holter,
  • assessment of manual handling of loads and ergonomics of the working environment,
  • Assessment of mental workload, sensory and mental load by evaluating a standardized questionnaire.

For more information and orders, please contact:
Bc. Mgr. Andrea Gašparíková, Head of the OMS department
Mobile: +421 918 805 871


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