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Amendment of the Act on car first-aid kit from 1.11.2019

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As of 1 November 2019, an amendment to the law has finally been introduced, which removes the expiry date of cas first-aid kits. From now on, you can also have first-aid kits in your cars that say it’s expired.

First-aid kit is mandatory equipment vehicles, because it contains the tools necessary to provide first-aid. We find the first-aid kit in cases where a car accident occurs and we provide first-aid, but also when we see wounds of cyclists, motorcyclists or pedestrians.

The importance of the presence of a first-aid kit in cars cannot be underestimated, despite the fact that the vast majority of people do not understand its content or how to use individual objects and tools. There are 17 of them and their presence has been defined by law since May 2009. The changes come after ten years.

Under current legislation, the first-aid kit must be orange and contain a white cross on the packaging, an internationally recognized symbol. The packaging can be made of textile or hard plastic.

Each first-aid kit has an expiry date as a whole, but also individual parts. By the end of October, police could check the date of validity of the whole. It has changed since the first of November and the first-aid kits are unlimited in time, as it has been in the Czech Republic since last year.

The deadline will no longer be controlled by police or STL workers. However, the condition is that the contents of the first aid kit are complete, unpacked and unused. If you carry a medicine chest with damaged or used contents, the cops will warn you or impose a fine.

Content of the car first-aid kit

The contents of first-aid kits are intended mainly for:

  1. treatment of small wounds and abrasions,
  2. treatment of wounds, burns and bleeding,
  3. treatment of fractures and joint injuries,
  4. protection of the rescuer and the victim from the spread of the disease during treatment and resuscitation.

The content of the first-aid kit for the category of motor vehicles M1, N, T, C and Ps is given by the law according to the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic no. 134/2018 Z.z. It is divided into four modules as follows:

Module no. 1 – Tools, disinfection and rescuer protection
  1. resuscitation mask with valve, 1 pc
  2. isothermal foil 220 x 140 cm or 200 x 150 cm, 1 pc
  3. 2 pairs of examination gloves, minimum size L
  4. wipes with cleaning and antimicrobial effect, individually packed, 4 pcs
  5. medical scissors, all metal, with rounded tips, sharp, minimum length 15 cm, 1 pc
  6. safety pins with a minimum length of 4 cm, 6 pcs
Module no. 2 – Small wounds, abrasions
  1. patch with cushion (quick bandage) 4 cm x 8 cm, 10 pcs
  2. cleansing and antimicrobial wipes or cleansing and antimicrobial wipes for small wounds treatment,individually packed, 8 pcs
  3. gauze dressing sterile – compression (minimum 7, 5 x 7, 5 cm), 2 pack. 5 pcs
  4. plaster smooth textile, 2, 5 cm x 5 m, tack minimum 7N / 25 mm, 1 pc
Module no. 3 – Major wounds, bleeding, burns
  1. sterile dressing with compression, minimum bandage width 10 cm, minimum compression dimensions 10 cm x 10 cm, minimum bandage length 120 cm, compression absorbency at least 800 g / m2, 2 pcs
  2. gauze dressing sterile – compression (at least 10 x 10 cm), 2 pack. 5 pcs
  3. bandage bandage hydrophilic, sterile, 10 cm x 5 m, 1 pc
  4. bandage bandage hydrophilic, sterile, 6 cm x 5 m, 1 pc
Module no. 4 – Fractures, joint injuries
  1. long elastic bandage (designed for light to medium compression) 10 cm x 4 m, 2 pcs
  2. long elastic bandage (designed for light to medium compression) 6 cm x 4 m, 2 pcs
  3. textile corner scarf, size at least 96 x 96 x 136 cm, 2 pcs



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