Wednesday, September 28
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Audiovisual training and courses

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We bring you a new opportunity to complete training and courses by audiovisual form – via a computer screen or mobile phone. Courses, which were previously required a personal meeting with the supervisor, company BOZPO provides courses in an audio-visual form during a coronavirus pandemic emergency. 

In this way, we will ensure that the measures against the spread of coronavirus are respected, but the interaction between the trainer and the trainee will still be maintained. Trainees can ask all the time, communicate with the supervisor, who he immediately responds to his questions.

If you have questions and are interested in audio-visual training, please contact:

Ing. Milan Bojsa – Head of Training and Courses Department, mobile: +421 905 868 818, e-mail:

Ing. Michaela Antalová – Manager of training and courses, mobile: +421 948 328 196, e-mail:

Company BOZPO, s.r.o. offers the following training courses in the audiovisual form:

  • Introduction to OSH – employees
  • Introduction to OSH – executives
  • Introduction to OSH – employee representatives
  • Training of employees on fire protection
  • First aid training
  • Training of chemical factors
  • Introduction to OSH – professional drivers
  • Introduction to OSH – drivers of reference vehicles
  • Informing persons performing work at heights
  • Introduction to OSH – woodworking machinery and equipment
  • Introduction to OSH – metalworking machines and equipment
  • Introduction to OSH – work equipment
  • Introduction to OSH – textile machines
  • Introduction to OSH – forming machines
  • Informing persons carrying out earthworks in the excavators
  • Introduction to OMS – Work environment factors and occupational hygiene
  • Introduction to OMS – noise
  • Introduction to OMS – risks when working with PC
  • Introduction to OMS – work with chemical factors
  • Introduction to OMS – healthy lifestyle
  • Introduction to OMS – COVID-19

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