BOZPO print

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Our company’s portfolio of services has been expanded to include our printer offer. 

We provide printing stickers of various shapes and sizes according to your wishes.

We also offer a print of safety labels (stickers, plastic plates). The complete range of safety labeling can be selected from the online catalog.

ONLINE Katalóg bezpečnostného značenia

In our printer, we will also make a print on your clothes (T-shirts, jackets, vests, trousers, caps, ….) and if you need to buy them, choose from the offer of BOZPOshop.

The services of our printer include printing on various advertising items. 

Detailed information is available at BOZPOshop store: Ciglianska cesta 3C, 97101 Prievidza. Phone no.: 046 / 542 45 13, +421 917 790 467, e-shop:

Or directly in BOZPO print: Area of BONAS, Cesta poľnohospodárov 8, 971 01 Prievidza.

Responsible manager: Eva Marková,, Phone no.: 0948 401 831  


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