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Environmental protection

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QUESTION: When does it concern you with the obligation to produce waste records for 2018?
If you have any waste in your company (paper and plastic packaging, oil, fluorescent, wood, …)

QUESTION: When is the obligation to prepare a Waste Report and handling it?
If more than 50kg of hazardous waste (oils, packaging, chemicals, …) or more than 1t of other waste (paper, plastic packaging, etc.) is generated for you over the year.

QUESTION: Is the deadline for submitting an annual Waste Report?
The deadline is until 20 February 2019 for 2018.

QUESTION: How to properly collect waste?
As a space for the waste accumulation can serve open areas, sheds, buildings, underground and over ground tanks made so that could not result in an undesirable impact on the environment and damage to material property. These spaces are marked as a waste store. Areas must be ensured against the harmful substances, reinforced, impermeable and hazardous waste must be secured against the effects of external influences.

QUESTION: What must comply with containers?
Tanks, barrels and other containers in which are collected hazardous waste have to be different by shape, description or colour from equipment, which is not designed for waste loading. They must ensure waste protection against external influences, which may cause rise of adverse reactions e. g.:  fire formation or explosion. They have to be resistant to mechanical damage and chemical influences. Hazardous waste and warehouse in which collect hazardous waste must be marked with identification sheet for hazardous waste – ISHW.

QUESTION: What is the hierarchy of waste management?
The first step should be waste prevention, second is the preparation for re-use and then recycling, subsequently other recovery (i.e. energy) and finally waste disposal. Hierarchy is defined in the Act on waste and taken from law of the European Union.

QUESTION: What does the term waste management mean?
Waste management is a set of activities to prevent and minimize waste generation and reduction their environmental hazards and comply with the law of waste management.


QUESTION: What are the obligations of waste holder?
– properly classify waste orensure an accuracy of the classification of waste according to the Waste Catalogue, 
– gather waste which is sorted by waste types andensure them against depreciation, theft or other undesirable leakage, 
– separately collect hazardous waste according to their type, mark them and dispose them by prescribed manner in accordance with this Act and special regulations,
– ensure the treatment of waste within the meaning of the waste hierarchy.

QUESTION: Must be there a sort of biodegradable waste by a kitchen operator?
Kitchen operator is responsible for the management of biodegradable and canteen waste but he is also obliged to dispose with this waste in accordance with applicable generally binding ordinance of the village, establish and ensure implementation of separate collection for this waste where he is an originator. 


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