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The list below shows the currently scheduled training sessions. If you do not see the training you are interested in, contact our training department.

The list of training provided by the BOZPO Training Center can be found here.

Contact persons:
Ing. Michaela Antalová, Training and course Manager, mobile: +421 948 328 196
Ing. Milan Bojsa, Head of training and courses department, mobile: +421 905 868 818
You can also contact us by email:

The company BOZPO, s.r.o also offers the possibility to attend selected training courses on health online, ie in the form of e-learning. This allows you to complete legislative health and safety training wherever you are most comfortable.

Such training represents a considerable saving of time and money.

For example, you can take online training: Occupational Health and Safety training, Fire Protection training, Driver training. The theoretical part of the lumberjack training can be completed by E-learning, as well as forklifts training. In both courses, it is necessary to complete the practical part, which can be provided through our training department.

Detailed information about e-learning OSH trainings (list of offered e-learning trainings, prices, and other information) can be found on our website

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