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Civil protection

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QUESTION: How to extend professional competence of FP and where?
Professional competent person is required to attend the training session every 5 years and after its completion pass the verification; in case, he/she does not participate on training they will lose professional competence.
Training on extension of the certificate organizes MI SR, Crisis Management Section. Place and date of the training is published on their website.QUESTION: What is the difference between an extraordinary situation and an extraordinary event?
For the purposes of Act No. 42/1994 Coll. on civil protection of the population is the term of threat perion or the consequences period of an extraordinary events on life, health or property – the extraordinary situation is declared. The term extraordinary event is natural disaster, accident, catastrophe, public health threats or terrorist attack – the extraordinary event originate.QUESTION: Who declare the extraordinary situation?
The extraordinary situation is declared and recalled through means of mass information resources. The right to declared (recalled) an extraordinary situation according to the Act. No. 42/1994 Coll. on civil protection of the population have: Mayor of the municipality (on the territory of the municipality), Head of the district office (on the territory of the district) and Head of the district office at the headquarters of the region (on the territory of the region).QUESTION:  Whhat is a crisis situation?
Crisis situation outside of wartime and state of war means the period during which it is threatened or violated state security; constitutional authorities can after fulfilling the conditions set out in the Constitutional Act No. 227/2002 Coll. and declare
·       emergency state – solves the Security Council district
·       special condition – solves the Security Council district
·       emergency – solves Crisis Headquarters of cityQUESTION: What is an emergency state?
Emergency state condition may declare only President by the Government proposal, that has occurred, is imminent or there will be a terrorist attack, to widespread riots related to attacks on public authorities, pillaging shops and stores or other mass assaults on property or there will be another mass violent illegal act.
Emergency state – solves the Security Council districtQUESTION: What is an emergency?
Emergency condition may declare the Government that has occurred or is imminent or there will be life-threatening and human health, environment or a considerable threat to property due to natural disasters, disasters, industrial, traffic or other operational accident.     
Emergency – solves the Security Council district
QUESTION: When there is a duty to have documentation from CP (civilian protection)?
Duty to have documentation arises from the Act No. 42/1994 Coll. as amended, provisions of § 16 paragraph 1 letter e).QUESTION: What is a makeshift shelter of CP? 
Expression of makeshift shelter is incorrect. Decree No. 532/2006 Coll. as amended in § 10, 11 and 12 discusses on the shelters.
QUESTION: What are the requirements for CP training? 
Professionally qualified person for civilian protection can make training –Act No. 42/1994 Coll. as amended, and § 18a and Decree No. 7/2012 Coll.

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