DON’T FORGET to report work category 2 by January 15, 2020!

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One of the employer’s duty is to ensure an assessment of the health risk from exposure to work and work environment factors and, on the basis of this assessment, to prepare a written risk assessment with a categorization of work in terms of health risk in cooperation with the Occupational Health Service.

§ 30 par. 1, par. k) of Act no. 355/2007 Coll. imposes an obligation on the employer to report, by 15 January of each year, in electronic form, data relating to workers performing work in category 2 from the point of view of their health risk; data shall be reported as at 31 December of the previous calendar year.

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If the employer does not have a risk assessment and does not know the categories of work in terms of health risks, he/she can choose an occupational health service to prepare a health risk assessment, ie a written risk assessment with work categorization.

The employer is obliged to update the health risk assessment with work categorization on a regular basis, every 18 months, or in the event of a significant change in working conditions (eg introduction of new working procedures).

The Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic has prepared a form for electronic notification of work category 2, which can be filled indirectly from the website of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic or from (where the updated form for 2019 is available from 09.12.2019).


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