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DVS Tatra 805

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DVS – Transport vehicle with portable motor fire syringe

T 805 – Chassis type Tatra 805

On the automated chassis is built superstructure, separated from the driver’s cab. The superstructure has a front cabin for the team, which is accessible through doors with sliding windows. The seats in the cab are facing each other (the backrests are upholstered) and the drawers underneath are used to store the accessories. On the walls in the cab are hooks for hanging equipment.

In the rear of the body are cabinets for storing fire accessories, closed by doors from the outside of the body. The portable motor syringe is removed by the rear body door. Folding rails on which the syringe is mounted and secured against spontaneous movement at the time of transport serve for easier removal. A spare chassis wheel is located above the syringe compartment. On the backside, there are folding footrests for access to the roof of the body, where other accessories are stored. The roof is fenced and has brackets for adjusting ladder, tearing hook and medical stretcher. Two warning beacons or two warning lights are attached to the cab roof. On the right side is a portable headlight. The chassis has a trailer hitch at the rear.

Main technical data:

Total weight 4 450 kg
Chassis type Tatra 805
Lenght 4 720 mm
Width 2 195 mm
Gauge  1 600 mm
Wheelbase 2 700 mm
Height 2 610 mm
Engine  air-cooled petrol engine
Engine power 75 k (55 kW)
Operating speed 4,200 rpm
Max. speed 75 km/h



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