Environmental Protection

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Waste Management:

  • elaboration of emergency waste management plan
  • elaboration of waste register
  • elaboration of identification sheets for hazardous waste
  • elaboration of operating rules
  • solving the problems of selected products
  • elaboration and transmission of relevant notifications in the field of waste management based on the submitted documents
  • representation before government authorities
  • Waste Management training

Water management:

  • plan of preventive measures for preventing extraordinary deterioration of water (EDW)
  • elaboration of operating rules
  • processing reports on the collection and discharge of waste water
  • equipment plan for revisions, maintenance and control  
  • representation before government authorities
  • water management training
Atmosphere (air):
  • reviewing and classifying the source of air pollution
  • processing an application for authorization of the establishment and use of source of air pollution
  • processing the application for the calculation of emissions emitted from the air pollution source
  • the calculation of air polution
  • establishment of operational rules
  • elaboration of operating records
  • representation before government authorities

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