Environmental protection

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Company BOZPO, s.r.o. will provide services in the field of environmental protection.

Obligations of companies in the field of environmental protection legislation arise mainly from the Act No. 79/2015 Coll. on Waste, Act no. 364/2004 on waters, Act no. 137/2010 on the atmosphere as well as other legislative standards.
We will set up your business processes efficiently to meet your responsibilities in the areas of waste management, water, and air protection. We will also create waste records for you.

Waste Management:

  • elaboration of the emergency waste management plan
  • elaboration of waste register
  • elaboration of identification sheets for hazardous waste
  • elaboration of operating rules
  • solving the problems of selected products
  • elaboration and transmission of relevant notifications in the field of waste management based on the submitted documents
  • representation before government authorities
  • Waste Management training

Water management:

  • plan of preventive measures for preventing extraordinary deterioration of water (EDW)
  • elaboration of operating rules
  • processing reports on the collection and discharge of waste water
  • equipment plan for revisions, maintenance, and control  
  • representation before government authorities
  • water management training

Atmosphere (air):

  • reviewing and classifying the source of air pollution
  • processing an application for authorization of the establishment and use of the source of air pollution
  • processing the application for the calculation of emissions emitted from the air pollution source
  • the calculation of air pollution
  • establishment of operational rules
  • elaboration of operating records
  • representation before government authorities

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