Sunday, October 17
  • Slovenčina

Exclusive merch to Ondrej Kandráč’s new song

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Things were happening in Bojnice this week! Filming of a video for the new song ABRAKA DABRAKA by Ondrej Kandráč and David Key at Bojnický dvor. Amazing event, amazing people and MIMIKRY DESIGN together with some colleagues from BOZPO s.r.o. of course they were there too.

BOZPO and MIMIKRY DESIGN donated a t-shirt literally from our workshop to many of the random participants in this event, namely merch for the song ABRAK DABRAKA. T-shirts were born together with KVETKA, both men’s and women’s, with a graphic collaboration with Maxo Kormaňák.
If you like t-shirts, you can order them through BOZPOshop, both women’s and men’s, even children’s t-shirts of various sizes and colors.

You will look just as great in them as Ondrej Kandráč, David Key and the beautiful and skilful fashion designer Natasha Azariy.


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