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Fire overview in Slovakia for the quarter of 2018

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For the quarter of 2018, 6,908 fires occurred on the territory of the Slovak Republic and the damages caused by them amount to 31,768,130 €. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the number of fires decreased by 1 897 (a decrease of 21.5%), while the damage was higher by € 5 778 690 (an increase of 22%). In these fires, 24 people were killed and 127 people injured, representing a decrease of 43% over the same period last year and 25% wounded. Of the total number of people killed, 11 were aged 15 to 60 and 13 were over 60. Most injured (68%) were aged between 15 and 60, almost a quarter of the total number of people injured were older than 60, injured were also 7 children.

Počet požiarov na Slovensku za trištvrte roka 2018

In terms of territorial division, the highest number of fires recorded in the Košice region (1 443) and the highest material damage caused fires in the Trnava region (€ 12,100,770). The smallest fires (580) and also the lowest direct damage (€ 1,601,740) arose in the Trenčín Region.

Počet požiarov za trištvrte roka 2018 podľa krajov

The 9-month fire statistics show that most fires occurred in April (1 254). Mostly hot on Sunday (1,028 fires), at least on Friday (925 fires). From the point of view of the time of occurrence, the most fires occurred in the time interval from 15:00 to 16:00 (498) and between 17:00 and 18:00 (494).
From the point of view of the causes of the fires, almost half of all fires in the trimester of 2018 arose due to the negligence and carelessness of adults – 3,308 fires, with a decrease of 1,384 fires compared to the previous year. Most of the fires were caused by the burning of grass and dry stands (887). Operational and technical malfunctions caused 1,046 fires (52 less than the same period last year), 889 fires were intentionally ignited (169 less than last year).
The overall balance of fires for the quarter of 2018 from the point of view of the economic activity sector most affected the housing economy. There were 1,323 fires in this sector with a loss of € 6,162,740, and the total number of people killed and injured in the sector was up to three quarters. The other sectors with the most significant incidence of fire were waste management (1 247 fires, damage amount 166 675 €, 4 injured persons), road transport (740 fires, damage amounting to 4 634 690 €, 1 killed and 7 injured) and agriculture (651 fires , damage amount 938 375 €, 1 injured).
The most numerous group, evaluated according to the area of ​​origin, is the fires that occurred in the natural environment. During the assessed quarter of the year, 4 861 fires occurred in this category, which is 1 638 less than last year. In these fires, two people were killed and 14 injured. The most numerous group consists of fires of grassland and eels (1 138 fires).
In the buildings for permanent housing there were 1 158 fires with direct damage of € 4 953 035, 16 people were killed and 92 injured. Compared to the same period last year, the number of fires decreased by 190 and the damage was by € 123,230. The firefighting balance in this group was affected mainly by family house fires and housing stock. In family houses, we recorded 734 fires that caused direct damage of 3 795 880 €, 13 people were killed and 49 injured. There were 388 fires in homes, with a cost of 1,094,545 €, 3 people were killed and 42 were injured.
In the buildings for shared accommodation and recreation, 79 fires were recorded, causing damage of 1 264 570 €, three people suffered injuries. In the number of fires compared to last year there is a decrease of 28 fires, the amount of damage decreased by 346 550 €, the number of killed and injured persons (in both cases by 4 persons) also dropped.
In manufacturing buildings, 109 fires arose, and the damage was highest in all the categories of fire compartments observed, reaching up to 13 551 690 €. The highest share of the damage was caused by a fire on June 1, 2018 in the production hall of the Danube Stream Bread Plant, which caused damages of € 10,000,000.
In buildings designed for storage, there were 34 fires (5 less than last year), for which a loss of € 540,250 was incurred, j. a decrease of € 34,140 compared to the previous year.
The number of fires of personal, resp. of vans in the quarter of 2018 compared to last year only slightly increased, from 627 to 634 cases. Damage this year reached € 3 348 630, an increase of € 456 540 over the same period last year, with the number of deaths and injuries dropping. One person was killed in these fires and 7 people were injured (50% drop). The most common cause of personal fire, vans were operating-technical failures, resulting in 391 fires, the level of direct damage reached € 1,148,970 and two people were injured. By the way, 161 personal and / vans, with damage estimated at € 1,787,330, one person injured.



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