Fire Protection

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Upon request, we provide full service in the fulfillment of the employer’s obligations arising from Sections 4 and 5 of Act no. 314/2001 Coll. as amended and its implementing legal regulations, in particular Decree of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic No. 121/2002 Coll. on fire prevention, as amended.

The basic range of activities in the field of fire protection:

  • ensuring the fulfillment of the stipulated duties and designated tasks in the OPE section by persons with the required professional competence or special authorization,
  • provision of preventive fire inspections in buildings and premises,
  • ensuring compliance with fire protection measures in places with increased fire risk, in activities associated with increased fire risk or at times of increased fire risk,
  • identification of a place with increased risk of fire,
  • ensuring that non-working fire protection measures are met,
  • provision of training and verification of knowledge on fire protection,
  • the development, management and maintenance of fire protection documentation in accordance with the actual situation,
  • ensuring regular chimney cleaning and inspection.


We offer fire protection training combined with practical extinguishing demonstrations where your employees can try to extinguish with different fire extinguishers. At the end of the theoretical part, the trainees will practically practice the knowledge gained during the theoretical part under the supervision of an instructor.
  • Opening of a fire-affected electrical switchboard.
  • Use of snow extinguisher for extinguishing flammable liquid, extinguishing solid flammable substances with water and powder extinguisher.

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