Fire safety of buildings

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BOZPO provides fire protection documentation in accordance with Act No. 314/2001 on Fire Protection, its implementing decrees, and other legal regulations and standards in accordance with the actual state and the need to address the fire safety of buildings.

Through a fire protection specialist, the company provides the following:

a) the development of a fire safety solution in the project documentation of buildings, (for territorial proceedings, building permit, engineering change or purpose of use),
b) carrying out activities in the assessment of product compliance and certification of building construction,
c) fire safety measures in the placement of technological equipment,
d) processing fire hazard analysis in buildings,
e) advice on addressing the fire safety of buildings (prior to the endorsement, during disposition and changes in the use of the building) in a way that does not reduce fire safety of the building, its parts or does not reduce the safety of persons or hinder the intervention of fire brigades.

BOZPO company also provides firefighting equipment for buildings to ensure the fire safety of buildings.


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