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Healthy workplaces stop the pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest challenges that societies and businesses have ever faced. Overcoming this challenge will be possible only if we work together to stop the spread of this disease and provide a safe and healthy working environment for both home-based teleworkers and those returning to their usual workplaces. This section presents a collection of guidance documents, awareness-raising material and further links on the topic.

At workplaces where workers can be exposed to a virus, which belongs to the category biological agents, employers have to carry out a workplace risk assessment and set appropriate measures. The guidance presented on this page is aimed at supporting employers in these duties. The minimum legal requirements are laid out in Biological Agents Directive. More information on the topic can be found in section on dangerous substances (subsection biological agents).

EU guidance

What can workplaces do in practice to help tackle this pandemic and protect employees? Knowledge and awareness are key — everyone must be well informed about how the virus spreads, the symptoms of infection and how to minimise exposure. Our guidance helps organisations to provide workers with the information they need and put measures in place to prevent infection.


COVID-19: Back to the workplace – Adapting workplaces and protecting workers  (a PDF version

COVID-19: guidance for the workplace 

OiRA COVID-19 risk assessment tool 

Awareness-raising video Napo in…stop the pandemic 



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