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How does uncleaned air conditioning endanger our health?

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We can no longer imagine working in the office without it. In tropical heat it provides refreshment and helps us survive the summer. It also helpes us when traveling by car, bus or plane.However, air conditioning can also do damage.

Especially if we do not take care about it. Like most achievements of modern times, this miracle of air cooling needs to be cleaned occasionally.

The filter is the key

The air condition takes the air out of the room, cools it, and then returns it back through the filter without any harmful particles. Those get caught in it.The key in this process is the just-mentioned filter that provides air purification. On the other hand, however, all impurities are captured on it.

If there are too many there, the device does not function as it should. It consumes more energy, lowers cooling, and even threatens our health. Extreme pollution may even cause overheating.There is a large number of allergens in the air that can not be captured by the filter already captured. These can cause sensitive coughs, exhaustion, shortness of breath, and irritation of the eyes and skin.

Regular cleaning

There are different types of air conditioning – in a car, at home, in the office. For the one you have at home, the US portal The Department of Energy recommends cleaning the dust filters once in one to two months.

Some just wash with a stream of water and then a soft brush. But there are also those that need to be exchanged. Do not forget to dry thoroughly to prevent the spread of molds.

With centrally controlled, you should change filters every three months. Mostly, however, it is a job for an expert.Before each summer season you should not forget to thoroughly clean and revise. That should be done by an expert.

Still more desirable

Although it may seem that domestic air conditioning is unattainable for the Slovaks and few who have it, it may be different in a few years. Anything may increase temperatures.According to research published on Enviromental Health Perspectives, air-conditioning worldwide consumes around one trillion kilowatt hours of electricity annually.Their use may be up to ten times by 2050. The reason for that is global warming.



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