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How to proceed when building a house

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Have you decided to build your own house? Equipping them with permission is half the success. Where to start and how to do what and what authorities ask experts to explain.

Mária Ronecová from MPL Stavro answers

1. Appropriate land

Consult the construction engineer or architect for the selection of the site. Land must be suitable for your project. If the price of the land seems to be low, check that the utility networks are included in the price. It is a connection to water supply, natural gas and electricity, a sewer connection, a landline telephone line, cable TV and driveway. A land that is not connected to these networks will cost you a lot more. The main criteria for the selection of the land include its size, orientation, layout, location, network equipment, accessibility and price.

2. Land size

Plots with an area of ​​300 to 400 m2 are suitable for terraced houses. The minimum width of the house is 6,5 m. Plots with an area of ​​400 to 800 m2 are suitable for the construction of separate family houses or semi-detached houses. The minimum length of the plot is 16.5 m. Always add 3 m to each side of the house. You can also enjoy a beautiful garden, swimming pool or a small garden house on a 1000 m2 plot.

3. Building permit

The building authority will grant you permission only on the basis of a documented project. Here are two options. Either you buy a finished family house project from a catalog or let it be tailored by an architect. The main criteria for choosing one of the options are your financial situation and the time you want to have the project available. Try to answer two questions when selecting a project. Whether you want to design a house that you own or with an architect, or choose one that is already designed and the possibility of intervention is lower.

4. Territorial decision

This decision is prepared in two copies. You must also ask network administrators for a statement. The zoning decision is issued on the basis of the petitioner’s proposal. Participants in land-use proceedings are builders, institutions, citizens whose property or other rights to land or buildings, including neighboring land and buildings, may be affected by the construction.

5. Appendices to the proposal

If you are applying for a zoning permit, you must provide the competent institutions with a letter of ownership, a photocopy of the valid building permit, a written authorization in the event that the client authorizes another natural or legal person to process the application, the cadastral map, project documentation in duplicate, final approval decision , Building Construction Notices, Revision Reports, Building Supervision Statement, that will provide professional guidance for the construction work done by self-help and the administrative fee provided for by law. These annexes may vary according to the requirements of the authority, city or municipality.

6. Project documentation

When you have a zoning decision in your hands, it is your turn to get a building permit. You must submit the project documentation for the building permit with a comprehensive technical report.

7. Building Authority

Please contact your local building office for what you will need to obtain a building permit. The documents for the issue of a territorial permit are almost identical to those for issuing a building permit. However, you cannot submit them together, you have to wait a month to comment on territorial permission.

In addition, prepare a construction supervision statement, project documentation for the cesspit, if the house does not supply sewerage, expressions of water, power plants, gas, telecommunications, fire protection and the environmental district office. You can also handle these permits while drawing up the project documentation.

8. Cadastral area

The building permit is issued by the building office. Keep in mind that you will need both planning permission and building permission to build the house. Without them, it is not possible to build a house or enjoy it. The building permit is issued by the competent building office according to the cadastral territory. Make sure you provide all the necessary details for the first time. Otherwise, you may be able to extend your decision. Construction proceeding starts with the building office at the request of the builder.

9. Before construction begins

So before you start building, you need a building permit project. Especially parts such as architecture, medical technology, static assessment, electrical connection, internal house solution, lightning conductor, heating and fire protection. You also need the expressions of water, power, gas, telecommunications, fire protection and the environmental district office. Ideally, you also have gas, water, electricity and sewerage contracts. Then ask for a building permit: If you want to speed it up, surround your future neighbors with the project and ask them to agree to the building. Also, prepare a construction budget along with pricing and a “blind” budget for the building. Ensure independent building supervision in advance, so that the authorized person with the stamp.


Peter Klik from Bell4you, portal answers.

10. Use of real estate

In order to be able to use the property properly after the construction of the family house, you must approve it. For final approval, the building must have a finished roof with drainage and lightning conductor, chimney, windows and doors, all installations, bathroom fixtures, wall, ceiling and floor finishes, staircases and balconies balconies, and all engineering network connections with measuring points. If, during construction, the position or size of some of the design structures has changed, if a partition or door has been added or not implemented, it is necessary to ask the designer to prepare a real construction project. If you do not have the building completed by the end of the building permit, you will extend the validity by a written request to the building office.

11. Acceptance decision

In the proposal for issuance of the occupancy permit, the builder shall state his name and address of the builder, the designation and location of the building, the building permit number and the date on which the building permit was issued. It is also necessary to state them while the building permit was issued. The term in which the building will be completed, the date on which the site will be cleared and the date on which the surroundings will be completed may not be missing.

12. Application documents

The builder shall attach to the application for approval the drawings of the actual construction, decisions, standpoints, approvals and assessments of the concerned government authorities, attestations and certificates of the materials and products used, declarations of conformity of products and review reports and evidence of tests performed. For example, the review report on electrical installation, gas installation and lightning conduction, gas pipe pressure test, chimney safety certificate, cesspit proof and water supply and wastewater discharge contract.

At the same time it is necessary to document the use permit for the water management part of the building, the use permission for communications and paved areas, the proof of setting out the spatial structure by the authorized surveyor, the geometric plan of the actual construction according to the cadastral regulations for marking changes in the land register, the record of the takeover of the geodetic documentation and the energy certificate.

13. Content of the decision

In addition to the general terms and conditions laid down in the Code of Administrative Procedure, the occupancy permit contains the name, surname and address, name and registered office of the plaintiff, designation, definition of the use of the works and conditions for the use of the building to protect the public interest and the legitimate interests of the parties. These documents take into account in particular the care of the environment, human health, fire protection and occupational health and safety. The decision also sets out a deadline to eliminate any minor shortcomings in the actual implementation of the construction, which in its entirety does not prevent the proper use of the construction.

14. Building registration

After obtaining the approval, the building must be registered at the municipal or municipal office, which will issue a decision on allocation of the registration number. You must also apply in writing to the relevant cadastre administration for the registration of the building in the cadastre operation. On the basis of a new property sheet with a registered building, you are obliged to apply to the relevant tax administrator for the purpose of real estate tax, to ensure the supply of energy, water and the disposal of municipal solid waste and sewage. You can then apply to the municipal authority, Department of population registration to change your permanent residence.



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