Inconspicuous toxic substances in our homes

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Strong LED lights that many have in their homes are toxic, warns the French Food, Environment and Safety and Health at Work (ANSES). According to the agency, this light can cause irreversible loss of retinal cells and lead to the cause of blindness. It invited officials to review the maximum limit for LED lights that emit “blue light” in higher amounts. Long-term exposure to LED light has been found to accelerate retinal tissue aging and contribute to poor vision. Long-lasting LED technology, energy-saving and inexpensive, has absorbed half of the overall lighting market over the decades.

LEDs are used for home and street lighting, as well as in offices and industry. According to ophthalmologist Francine BeharCohen, LED screens on phones, tablets and laptops do not pose a risk of eye damage. However, these backlit devices – especially when used at night or in a dark environment – can disrupt biological rhythms and thus sleep. For home lighting, ANSES recommends getting “warm white” LED lighting, which limits exposure to LED sources with high blue light concentration and avoiding LED screens at bedtime.

Source: newspaper SME, Health and relax; p. 8


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