Wednesday, June 16
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Labor inspections took over new control vehicles

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Labor inspections have been carrying out checks on social legislation in road transport since 2004. Drivers, particularly trucks and buses, have almost certainly met these inspections on Slovak roads for almost 15 years and have checked both in their vehicle and in the labor inspection vehicle. . However, the vehicles that the labor inspection has available since 2009 no longer meet the current standards for multi-faceted control. As these vehicles are on the road almost every day, their wear is considerable and the risk of failure due to depreciation and continuous use is constantly increasing. This entails a security risk of moving from the labor inspectorate to the checkpoint. Another aspect that these vehicles do not meet is the informative aspect. The labor inspection has since the end of 2017 the official logo and associated color identification scale, which these vehicles do not have. Also, the labor inspector’s work space no longer meets the current requirements for road inspection.

Against this background, labor inspections carried out public procurement in 2018 for new control vehicles for road inspection. Requirements for new control vehicles were based on the requirements of executive labor inspectors and on the basis of experience of familiarizing with foreign partner vehicles during international roadside checks. 

The new control vehicles have the most tailored work space to control social regulations on the road, both from the perspective of the labor inspector and the inspected driver. Also, the colored elements of the vehicle meet both safety and informative functions.

The new Volkswagen Crafter control vehicles have been taken into use by the end of March 2019. Drivers can meet them on Slovak roads these days.



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