Let’s support a good thing together

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Dear friends,

June 13, 2019 at our company BOZPO s.r.o. held a very nice and we think a joyful meeting for both sides. You ask what? We also had the honor for you, our dear participants of this year’s international conference INCOBOZ, and we gave a financial donation, to which you have contributed all those who have bought raffle tickets at the evening banquet. The raffle extract was then rounded up to 1000 euros, which Noemi’s parents will use exactly for what our little dear fighter needs most.

Noemi Okkel suffers from a very rare Mowat Wilson syndrome and this girl is one of ten children in the world who, along with her parents, has to fight the disease.:  https://myhornanitra.sme.sk/c/22010527/noemi-ma-unikatnu-chorobu-je-jedna-z-desiatich-na-svete.html

It should be noted that Noemi is not a “single child”. It is the fourth child in the order, so you can imagine how much love, care and dedication has to redistribute in the Okkel family every day.

Friends, we have no doubt that we have together made a very nice step towards nice people who, with great love and dedication, pass on everything they can. But we all know for how long time what we live, and we know that even if these people, as it is said “heart ripped out of their chest”, without the financial help of all of us goodwill, will not be able to make their child’s life easier in this world.

And you know what? Join us, despite the fact that today’s help is not commonplace. You may have a few euros less, but the feeling that you are a HUMAN cannot be replaced by anything. We thank you in advance and if you choose, you can contribute to Noemi no. account.: SK51 1111 0000 0067 7735 9028. Or you can contact Mrs. Lucia Okkel on tel. number: 0911 915 919


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