Meeting of top managers of labor inspection authorities of V4 countries

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A meeting of top managers of V4 countries took place in Kosice in leading positions in labor inspection bodies. A working meeting on 3-4 June 2019 focused on combating undeclared work and ensuring decent working conditions for all workers in the European Union, including third-country nationals, and preventing and promoting OSH.

This topic is up to date in the V4 countries mainly because of the increasing employment trend of third-country workers and, given the ongoing reform of labor mobility rules, is also highly topical at EU level.

One of the objectives of the joint meeting was to build on the previous Presidencies and focus on the mutual exchange of experiences and effective practices of the V4 Labor Inspectorate. “We will seek to reach agreement on the possibilities of sharing prevention tools in the areas of illegal employment and occupational health and safety. These findings can be inspiring for the further development and improvement of the inspection activities of labor inspections not only of the V4 countries but also of other member states of the Union,” said Ing. Karol Habina, General Director of the National Labor Inspectorate.

The goals of the National Labor Inspectorate are based on the priorities of the Slovak V4 Presidency, which are:

  • promoting unity where possible – seek agreement in areas that can better promote together at European level
  • bringing solutions where it is useful – they want to carry out jointly such projects that have a practical positive impact on citizens in our countries
  • respecting differences where necessary – seeking consensus with full respect for national interests

For a quarter of a century of its existence, Visegrad cooperation has shifted from coordinating integration issues to promoting common positions at European level. V4 countries are a full-fledged part of the European Union, with V4 a platform for pragmatic cooperation. Coordination of Visegrad cooperation is in the hands of the rotating Presidency. The Slovak Republic is currently executing its fifth Presidency in the Visegrad Group (V4) from July 2018 to June 2019, while the Slovak Presidency is following up on the results of previous Presidencies in its initiatives and will seek closer coordination with the next Czech Presidency. The Slovak Presidency emphasizes the strengthening of the internal dynamics, competitiveness, security, connectivity and cohesion of the Visegrad region as an integral part of the EU. The fulfillment of these ambitions is also expressed by the motto of the Slovak Presidency “Dynamic Vyšehrad for Europe”.



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