Wednesday, June 16
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Project name: ENECOGEN Combine cycle power plant 870 MW
Contractor: ENECO and DONG Energy
Project location: ROTTERDAM (Netherlands)
Project duration (in months): 13
Number of employees: 150 for SGS, on site 980
BOZPO’s contribution: coordinating construction safety
Project name: Construction of the station metro Vijzelgracht
Client (investor): MAX BÖGL Noord / Zuidlijn Amsterdam, Netherlands
Project location: Amsterdam
Project duration (in months): 24
Number of employees: 120 for DPSEBOZPO’s contribution:
Performance of OSH, PPE, work at heights safety services and training as well as professional training (binder loads, saw operator) for employees of Doprastav Export performing construction work on site. In connection to work on the project  an assessments of employees for Doprastav Export was carried out to perform a specific activity – preventive medical examinations for Category 3 – hyperbaria


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