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October – Cyber Security Month

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European Cyber Security Month is an annual campaign of the European Union Agency for Cyber Security (ENISA) that raises awareness of the importance of cyber security. The whole month of October is dedicated to educational activities as well as events for citizens and institutions across Europe. The main theme of this year’s campaign is the idea of “Cyber Security is Shared Security” and the main slogan is “Think Before You Click”. # ThinkB4UClick.

BOZPO offers training in the field of cyber security divided into two parts within the requirements of the legislation:

  • Public sector
  • Digital sector

The Public Sector package is particularly suitable for cities and municipalities, as it is based on Act no. 95/2019 Coll. on information technology in public administration. If necessary, we can show you a preview of the training.

The Digital Sector package is suitable for all types of organizations covered by Act no. 69/2018 Coll. on cyber security – banking, transport, energy, finance, pharmacy, post, defense, healthcare,…

More information on cyber security training can be found on the elearning website

or by contacting:

Ing. Miroslava Udvardiová

Michaela Zderková

Mgr. Milan Chovanec


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