One of the key recommendations is to increase the proportion of preventive performance

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Increasing the ratio of preventative performances to the total number of labor inspections is one of the most important recommendations, which, following a weekly evaluation of work inspections in Slovakia, presented to the representatives of the National Labor Inspectorate (SLIC) representatives of the National Labor Inspectorate. The evaluation took place in the week of 22 to 26 October 2018 and was attended by representatives of labor inspectorates from eight countries of the European Union.

“I see this assessment very positive in the context of the expertise and approach of the evaluation group. Our goal was to fully inform about the real state of work inspection with a comprehensive view, including negative impacts. The co-operation of labor inspectors during the evaluation was highly appreciated by EU representatives, both on an organizational and professional level. Of course, in a week, it is not possible to analyze and understand perfectly such a complex mechanism that is based on incomparable pillars in terms of legislation, competencies, personnel and financial security and, in particular, the perception of OSH in the priority list compared to other EU Member States. However, it is time for experts to recommend examples of good practice resulting from their personal experience in dealing with similar issues, whether in their own country or in evaluating other EU Member States, “said the Director General of the National Labor Inspectorate Ing. Karol Habina. He added that he fully agrees with the recommendation to increase the proportion of prevention in the labor inspectorate, but he also pointed out that this simply mentioned problem hides many pitfalls in its implementation in connection with forced and required performance of labor inspection and personal security.

The final evaluation at the National Labor Inspectorate in Košice is closely monitored (left) by the Director General of NIP Ing. Karol Habina, Director of the Department of Labor Inspection Mgr. Miroslava Skičková, Head of the Department of Health and Safety at Work Ing. Ján Trcka, MVDr. Jana Gibodová and Ing. Daniela Gecelovská, PhD.

During the evaluation week, representatives of the Committee of Labor Inspection Chiefs participated in the inspections of work and inspection of regional public health authorities in Košice, Trenčiansky, Žilinský and Nitrianský kraj. The aim of the third evaluation (the previous two took place in 2002 and 2011) was to promote a common approach to the implementation of legal requirements at the workplace as well as the adoption of comparable criteria by labor inspectorates in their executive strategies and procedures.



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