One of the preventive measures against fire is chimney cleaning

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“In connection with the heating season that began in September, there are also some measures that people should follow to avoid fires. The District Directorate of the Fire and Rescue Service in Košice continues Viktor König. ”

Viktor König, District Directorate of the Fire and Rescue Service in Košice:

“The most common mistake people make is that they do not clean and check the chimney regularly. First of all, it is necessary for residents, especially in houses where they clean out with solid fuel, regularly clean the heating body, but also the chimney and inspect the chimney. ”


“In the past, firefighters have seen up to 45 cases, and that’s just 27 in the case of unclean chimneys.”

Viktor König:

“They have a duty imposed on them by the Fire Protection Act and, if we find it, or in case we intervene at that place, and find that they have not complied with these obligations, they are also subject to a fine.”


“It can climb up to 332 euros.”

Source: Radio Košice


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