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Partnership and membership

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The Automotive Industry Association of the Slovak Republic is a voluntary association of legal entities operating in the fields of research, development, import, sale of motor vehicles and training of university graduates for the automotive industry and others.


The Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia is an independent, voluntary, non-political and interest association of legal entities in the construction sphere.



The Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a public institution which acts to support and protect the business of its members in Slovakia and abroad.


The Association of Industrial Unions is a non-political and non-governmental organization of industrial production unions based on democratic principles, whose role is to define, promote and protect the common interests of its members in order to achieve an appropriate and stable business and employment environment in the Slovak Republic.


A common vision: Construction site safety.
The common vision is a professional grouping of legal entities and natural persons that combines an effort to increase construction site safety.


Slovak Association for Occupational Safety and Health and Fire Protection. Association of occupational safety and fire protection experts.

Partners for the activities in Czech Republic

A Common Vision

“Common Vision: Safety at Work”
Professional grouping to create a workplace safety standard.


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