Sunday, October 17
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Petition for maintaining the protection of employees’ health

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The workshop of the Ministry of Economy issued a bill 355/2007 Coll., Which is to be approved in an accelerated procedure and valid from 01.07.2020. The basic proposed changes are as follows:

  • abolition of the compulsory provision of occupational health services for the 1st and 2nd category
  • abolition of the employer’s obligation to have a written record of the risk assessment if no changes have been made
  • electronic notification of records for the 2nd category of works
  • changes in the performance of preventive medical examinations, which according to this proposal should
  • be covered by public health insurance (listed in the part of the amendment to the Health and Safety Act) and only for employees who request it.

You can see the analysis of the effects of the abolition of occupational health services HERE.

Please express your opinion and support for the repeal of the prepared amendment to Act 355/2007 Coll. on the support, protection, and development of public health and Act 124/2006 Coll. on safety and health at work through a petition which can be found at:


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