Friday, September 22
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Photo instructions: how to use the rapid test on COVID-19 correctly

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In this article, we will describe in detail the procedure for using the COVID-19 rapid test: Vlan test

1. Open the disinfectant, disinfect the abdomen of the finger from which you will draw blood / the side of the abdomen is recommended, not the thumb and forefinger /.

2. Make a puncture in the abdomen of the finger with a lancet / turn the green stick, pull out, throw away, place the lancet through the hole on the abdomen of the finger and press the lancet from above towards the abdomen of the finger /.

3. If a blue lancet is used, fold the lid down and just place it on your fingertip and push.


4. Wipe the first drop of blood.

5. Using a pipette, aspirate at least two drops of blood and squeeze exactly two drops into the test (according to the arrow shown in point 6).

6. Add one drop of reagent / solution /

7. The test result is after about 15 minutes

Evaluation of the Vlan speed test on COVID-19:


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