Prepare your first aid kit for vacation

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Holidays are here and you are definitely going with children on vacation. Remember to pack everything you need. An important part of the luggage is the first aid kit. What should it contain?

If you are going for a longer trip abroad, be sure to consult your pediatrician in advance about any vaccines or special drugs your child will need. In addition, include:

  • all medicines if your child is taking any
  • several pens for immediate application of the drug to a strong allergic attack – anaphylactic shock if your child has an allergy (epi pen)
  • common medicines: parallels, nose drops, ears and eyes – you know for yourself which works best for your child
  • basic dressing material and skin disinfectant, patches for children, possibly hypoallergenic and water resistant patches
  • chlorophyll spray (a great aid in controlling skin abrasions)
  • panthenol spray and aloe vera gel – effective in healing burns / skin burns
  • probiotics – appropriate to your child’s age
  • activated carbon and Hylak – suitable for the treatment of stomach and intestinal infections in children older than 2 years

If we are to be more specific, we are offering you a suitable medicine cabinet for travel by Dr. Adriana Borošová:

  • against pain, inflammation and temperature: Nurofen and Paralen in syrup, suppositories and tablets
  • for Disinfection: Detol, Betadine
  • for abrasions and other surface wounds on the skin: Ialugen patch or cream (prescribed by your doctor)
  • for diarrhea: BioGaia drops (baby probiotics), Hylak drops, Kulíšek (and take a dietary water biscuit for sure – one pack)
  • ear pain: Otobacid N drops (prescribed to you by your doctor) and Burow droplets – alcohol (softwash earplugs)
  • for eye treatment (salt water, conjunctivitis, etc.): Ophthalmo Septonex drops
  • for sunbathing skin: Panthenol spray
  • cough: one syrup for dry cough (eg Stoptussin Baby) and one for cough moist (eg Solmucol, Mukosolvan)
  • to hit or stretch muscle: Elmetacin spray
  • Eucerin shower oil after bathing in salt water
  • on possible climate inflammation: Rectodelt suppositories (prescribed by doctor)
  • to soothe: Diazepam in tablets and in the form of a rectal tube
  • one pack of broad spectrum antibiotics (prescribed by your doctor)



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