Press conference NIP – work injuries in 2018

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More than a thousand saved human lives in the last twenty years and decrease number of work injuries with a heavy take on health by more than a third in 2018 compared to the previous year. Those are just some results, which were achieved by the inspection of work, also thanks to the effort to constantly increase the level of health and safety at workplaces throughout Slovakia. 

Last year, a total of 9080 work injuries were reported to work inspections on the territory of the Slovak Republic, which are by 835 injuries less than in 2017.The National Labor Inspectorate recorded 38 fatal work injuries last year, which is historically the lowest number (we only registered the same number in 2011), and we also recorded a very significant decrease in the number of work injuries with a heavy take on health, where the NIP registers in the year-to-year comparison decrease  by more than 40 percent (41,5%). Of the total number of 118 cases in 2017, there were only 69 cases in 2018.

“Even we are pleased, that is going well to reduce the number of heavy work injuries, we can’t be completely satisfied. Behind each of these numbers are hiding real people, real human lives. Behind each victim of work injury is father, mother, daughter or son, who are missing someone. And we can’t ease up on effort creating safe workplaces for all, until we, together with our employers and employers’ organizations, succeed in reaching a seemingly unachievable zero of deadly industrial accidents. I am convinced that this can be done because everyone deserves to return home from work as he left the house – alive and healthy, “ says Ing. Karol Habina, General Director of the National Labor Inspectorate. 

He also added that it is therefore a priority for the National Labor Inspectorate to effectively spread edification and to prevent, but also to control and, if necessary, sanction employers to know that the loss of any human life can’t be tolerated. “Together with my colleagues, we are determined to do everything to ensure safe work and decent working conditions become the everyday reality of all working people in Slovakia,” point out Ing. Karol Habina at the conclusion.



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