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Protect your eyes from coronavirus

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Masks have become a common part of our current lives. However, ophthalmologists warn that a mask is not enough. You also need to protect your eyes.

In addition to all measures, eye protection is forgotten, which is as important as adherence to other principles. The infection is spread by droplet infection, i.e. by air (sneezing, coughing), as well as direct contact with infected objects, namely hands, touching the mouth, nose, and eyes. And it is precisely the possible transmission through the eyes, ie through tears and tear paths, that is not so much talked about. 

Eyes are one of the possible routes of infection, so it is important to properly protect your eyes alongside your nose and mouth.

“According to a study by a team of epidemiologists from the Chinese government, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can last up to 30 minutes in the air, up to a distance of 4.5 meters. Thus, the virus can very easily be caught on the unprotected surface of the eye, from which the impurities are subsequently continuously removed by tears through the lacrimal ducts into the nose. It is from the nasal mucosa that the virus can be inhaled into the airways and subsequently into the lungs. Therefore, no one should forget about the eyes, which must be equally protected from possible infection, “says Dr. Pavel Lackovič, an ophthalmologist from the Fokus network of ophthalmic opticians.

Wear glasses

It doesn’t matter if it’s solar or dioptric, new or old. The basic rule is to choose the ones that cover the largest part of the orbit. Wider sides are also an advantage, together with glasses they can largely protect the eyes in general, but especially in the case of direct exposure of the face to sneezing or coughing patients.

Do not remove the glasses even indoors

If you do not wear prescription glasses, you are likely to reach for sunglasses. In this exceptional situation, do not remove them even when visiting the store or in the elevator. Although this may be unusual at first, protection comes first. It is important not to touch the glasses while wearing them.

Remember to disinfect the glasses

Strict disinfection measures apply equally to handles or other surfaces, as well as to glasses. After coming from the outside, do not forget to wipe them with a cloth with disinfectant gel or alcohol.



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