Wednesday, September 28
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PS 8 (portable motor fire syringe)

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Type designation “SM-31”. It is a two-stroke, two-cylinder, in-line engine, water-cooled directly from the pump. Its crankshaft and connecting rod are stored in roller and ball bearings. The engine is started by turning the lever.

Main technical data:

Manufacturer Smekal
Ignition Magnetoelectric
Lubrication Engine lubrication with a 25:1 mixture of petrol and oil
Cooling Continuous cooling with water from the pump
Engine capacity 1143 cm3
Cylinder bore 92 mm
Piston stroke 86 mm
Max. engine power at 3000 rpm 22,8 KW
Max. torque at 2400 rpm 75 Nm
Fuel consumption at rated power 12,5 l/hod
Type H800
Nominal water flow at 8 m head. in. st. 800l/min
Maximum pump head 160 m v. st
Vacuum reached per minute 8 m v st.
Suction nozzle diameter 1 x 110 mm
The diameter of discharge necks 2 x 75 mm
Engine lubrication with a mixture of gasoline and oil in proportion 25:1

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