Specialized activities

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We offer theoretical fire protection training combined with practical extinguishing demonstrations where your employees can try to extinguish with different fire extinguishers.At the end of the theoretical part, the trainees will practically practice the knowledge gained during the theoretical part under the supervision of an instructor.

  • Opening of fire-affected electrical switchboard.
  • Use of snow extinguisher for extinguishing flammable liquid, extinguishing solid flammable substances with water and powder extinguisher.

PPE control for work at heights

Control takes place by Decree No.147 / 2013 Coll.

5.2. Personal Protective Equipment against falls is periodically check and tested at least once every 12 months. Exam of personal protective equipment against falls must be carried out after each incident, mainly after the capturing fall of a person performing construction work and after extreme stress in conditions which impair his safe condition.
STN EN 365
m) guidance that the system or its component must be examined – or if the manufacturer considers it necessary, repair at least once every 12 months by a competent person, who is authorized by the manufacturer.
Person, who is authorized by the manufacturer performes control (revision) to physical controls of FPD by visual, touch, smell.
Result of inspection shall be entered into the registration sheet FPD (if a user has it…, if not, we give ours). Polial FPD is comply with further use, also it needs to mark it by the control sticker, valid for 12 months.

EMG Holter – local muscle load
– the most accurate methodology for valuation of overall physical stress focusing on local muscle load,
– method of integrated electromyography (EMG) exposed of small muscle groups of the upper extremities,
– identified for objectification physiological parameters, i.e. monitoring of physical load and subsequent processing of the recorded physiological data (holter of heart rate and biopotentials exposed muscle groups),
–  focus on the load of small muscle groups of forearm, wrist or palms of working movements,
– output transmitted to the PC, where after analysing the record we can express to handle an average muscle forces (in% F max.) flexors and extensors forearm in relative to the amount of movement as well as to the occurrence of muscle forces over 60% F max.    

Calibration of gas detectors

BOZPO, s.r.o. is a service centre of BW Technologies by Honeywell in measurement technology with the right to perform calibration and service.
Pursuant to the instructions for use of gas detectors, is necessary to perform calibration and control of equipment at least once every 180 days (6 months). Calibration of gas detectors rests in the settings for pure atmospheric air and value of the appropriate calibration gas (certified calibration gas). Additionally that will be made the overall control device, functionality of sound and light alarms and will be issued checklist and certificate of calibration valid for 6 months.

Thermographic diagnostics
Thermography is unique technology, which enables via infrared thermo sensors contactless measuring the surface temperature of objects and subsequently display by digital and graduate the temperature fields.
Using the thermal imager is possible in contactless measure of temperature on conductive connections of electrical equipment and easier to establish the places of the resistance, or passing an electric current. In evaluating is possible to assess load of phase conductors.
Company BOZPO, s.r.o. performs thermographic diagnostics regarding to a revision of electrical devices using the Fluke Ti20.

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