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COUNSELING bozpo-sro-counseling-occupational-safety-and-health
Occupational safety and health

QUESTION: What are the legislative requirements for the workplace with regard to healthy and safe office space equipment? ANSWER: Requirements for the workplace (including offices) are…

COUNSELING bozpo-sro-counseling-reserved-technical-exuipment
Reserved technical equipment

QUESTION: Who issues the document for guide mobile working platforms which are not adapted to the road traffic? ANSWER: Professional qualifications to operate the mobile working platforms…

COUNSELING bozpo-sro-counseling-fire-protection
Fire protection

QUESTION: Does the building operator need consent of the competent state fire inspection, if he decided where to installed and operated FAD in spite of the fact…

COUNSELING bozpo-sro-occupational-medical-services
Occupational medical services

QUESTION: What are the legislative requirements regarding medical fitness assessment in relation to updating training? ANSWER: – A natural person who is the holder of a…

COUNSELING bozpo-sro-counseling-civil-protection
Civil protection

QUESTION: How to extend professional competence of FP and where? ANSWER: Professional competent person is required to attend the training session every 5 years and after…

COUNSELING bozpo-sro-counseling-business-environment
Environmental protection

QUESTION: When does it concern you with the obligation to produce waste records for 2018? THE ANSWER: If you have any waste in your company (paper…