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TAM 5500

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Tovarna Automobilov Motorjev (TAM) is a commercial vehicle brand founded in Slovenia in 1946. TAM vehicles have been manufactured since 2001 by Tovarna Vozil Maribor (TVM) based in Maribor.

The vehicle was designed to safely and quickly transport firefighters and firefighting equipment to the point of fire, even in difficult terrain (hills, mud, and marshy areas).

TAM 5500 was manufactured with an extended cabin, which can accommodate 7 crew members. Water and foam could be used to extinguish the fire. The cab has been extended and insulated so as not to disturb the engine noise. The driver’s seat has been designed to adapt to the body position while driving. In addition to the driver’s seat, a further 6 passenger seats were available in the cab. It also installed heating and ventilation. In difficult driving conditions, the built-in mechanical syringe also helped the driver to clean the windscreen. On the cabin were placed two blue rotating lights, alarm, siren, reflector.

A water tank with a capacity of 2200 liters and 160 liters of foam extract was placed in the cargo part of the body. The vehicle had a syringe in the rear of the body. The pump start mechanism can be activated on the pump or in the vehicle cab.

The vehicle had 3 pipes, two for extinguishing water and one for extinguishing foam.

Main technical data:

Vehicle weight with equipment, driver and full fuel tank 6 566 kg
The permissible total weight (vehicle and load) 9 300 kg 
Lenght 6 450 mm 
Width 2 250 mm 
Height 2 830 mm

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