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Terms and Conditions

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1. An order

An order from a customer is a proposal for a contract of sale that is closed at the moment of a binding order confirmation.  a Phone or e-mail order confirmations are considered binding. At that moment, the seller and buyer are bound by their rights and obligations to each other under the agreement.

2. Cancellation of the order by the buyer

The buyer has the right to cancel the order without giving any reason for its binding confirmation. If the order is canceled after a binding order confirmation, the buyer is obliged to pay the seller the damages incurred by the deal. The cancellation fee can reach up to 50% of the total price of the ordered goods or services

3. Cancellation of the order by the seller

An order may be canceled if we can not confirm the order (wrong buyer details, buyer’s unavailability, etc.). Order cancellation  may also occur if the ordered goods are no longer produced or the price of the goods has changed significantly. In case of order cancellation, we will contact the buyer and negotiate on the next procedure. If the buyer has already paid part or full purchase amount, this amount will be refunded within 5 calendar days.

4. Withdrawal from the sales contract (mail order)

In accordance with Act no. 22/2004 Coll. on the Electronic Commerce, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 7 days of receipt of the goods. In the event of withdrawal, the buyer must contact us within 7 days. The order number, purchase date, account number, or address where the money will be returned have to be entered. If the buyer has already received the goods, he will send it back to our address (returned goods must be in the original undamaged packaging, must not be used or damaged, must be complete, including accessories, warranty certificate, instructions etc and sent with the receipt). Goods must be sent by registered mail and insured. Upon meeting all of the above conditions for returning the goods, the buyer will be returned the money by a voucher or transfer to the bank account within 5 working days after the return of the goods. In the event of non-fulfillment of any of the terms, we will not accept the withdrawal and the goods will be returned with re-forwarding costs to be covered by the customer.

5. Delivery terms and conditions

Delivery of ordered goods will be subject to product availability and operational capabilities. Goods will be delivered as soon as possible, at most up to ten working days from binding confirmation of the order. Delivery time may be extended if the goods are not in stock. Buyers will be informed by us of late deliveries. Deliveries are considered to have been completed when the goods are received at the stated location. Invoices, instructions for use and warranty cards will always be included with shipped goods.

6. Transport

The delivery costs are destinguished according to the pre-selected method. – Personal pick up – made at the headquarters of our company. The buyer may pay for the goods upon takeover. Personal pick ups are free of charge. – Courier and forwarding – The goods should be delivered to the buyer within 48 hours at the address he / she stated in the order. Usually the payment is made on delivery unless otherwise agreed in advance. The delivery is secured by the forwarding company. The customer is required to check the shipped goods and take it only if it is not damaged. Customers should check the packaging of the goods and accept goods only if they have not been damaged. If goods are damaged a damage report should be written and filed with the driver or refuse the shipment.  Later claims of this nature will not be accepted. Transportation is covered by customers. – Shipping by the Slovak Post – When goods are sent through Slovak Post, they will be delivered to the customer within five working days. Deliveries are covered by Slovak Post. Heavier items cannot be delivered through Slovak Post. In such a case, transport will be provided by the customer.

7. Liability for defective goods

Buyers should inspect goods immediately after receiving them. If mechanical damage to the product’s packaging is found, a buyer should check the condition of the goods themselves and, in the case of damage, make a record of it in the carrier’s presence. Carriers are liable for damage caused during shipment.

8. Complaints and Warranty

Complaints about mechanical damage of a product not visible when it was received need to be made at the moment it is discovered – immediately after using the product for the first time. Before a product is used for a first time a buyer should study the warranty, including instructions for use, and then strictly follow the information given. Customers should check whenever they receive a product to see that all items are in the package. If a product is delivered by a courier and there are items missing in the package, the buyer should complete a complaint form. If the product is collected by the buyer in person, he or she should immediately check the contents of the package, as subsequent complaints will not be accepted. Warranties do not cover normal wear and tear on items and/or their components caused by using them. When goods are received and they do not match with what was supposed to have been delivered according to the purchase agreement, the buyer has the right to have the seller exchange them for the correct goods, repair them or return them to the condition corresponding to what is stated in the purchase agreement, at no charge and without undue delay. If it is not possible, the buyer may either request a reasonable discount from the price of the goods or terminate the agreement.

9. Claim procedure

When applying for a complaint, follow these steps: Send an email or a letter to our address, that will include the product type, serial number, sales receipt number and defect description. The buyer will send the goods to our address along with the defect description, the warranty card and the purchase receipt. The seller or his authorized representative decides on the claim immediately, in complex cases within three business days. However, the claim may not be longer than 30 days (Section 18 of Act No. 250/2007 Coll., Consumer Protection Act).

We protect our customer’s data against abuse or misuse and guarantee that no contact information or data about purchases will ever be provided by us to third parties. Our online shop reserves the right to withdraw from any security guarantee in the event of an attack on our server by an unknown perpetrator.

On 25.05.2018, Regulation (EU) no. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR)  has entered into force.

We have therefore updated our privacy policy. You can read the privacy policy here.

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