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Accidents at work and occupational diseases are neither determined by fate nor unavoidable – they always have causes. By building a strong prevention culture, these causes can be eliminated and work-related accidents, harm, and occupational diseases be prevented.

“Vision Zero” is a transformational approach to prevention that integrates the three dimensions of safety, health, and well-being at all levels of work.

The ISSA’s Vision Zero concept is flexible and can be adjusted to the specific safety, health or well-being priorities for prevention in any given context. Thanks to this flexibility, Vision Zero is beneficial to any workplace, enterprise or industry in all regions of the world.

Safety and health pay

Safe and healthy working conditions are not only a legal and moral obligation – but they also pay off economically. Investments in safety and health at workplaces avoid human suffering and protect our most valuable asset – our health and our physical and psychological integrity. Importantly they also have a positive impact on the motivation of employees, on the quality of work and products, on the company’s reputation, and on the satisfaction levels of employees, managers, and customers and thus on economic success. International research on the return on investments in prevention proves that every dollar invested in safety and health generates a potential benefit of more than two dollars in positive economic effects. Healthy working conditions contribute to a healthy business.

Safety and health require leadership

Improving safety and health in the enterprise does not necessarily mean to increase spending. More important is that management acts with awareness, leads consistently and builds a climate of trust and open communication at every level in the company. Implementing the Vision Zero prevention strategy requires the active contribution and participation of many different actors at the company level. One thing is clear: the success or failure of implementing the Vision Zero strategy will ultimately be determined by dedicated employers and executives, motivated managers and vigilant employees.

On the Vision Zero website, in the Events and Trainings section, you will find information on the International OSH INCOBOZ Conference, which will take place in May 2020. One of the main topics of the conference will be Vision Zero. All details can be found at

You can find more information directly on the website of  VISION ZERO –


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