Friday, September 22
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What to do with used face masks and respirators?

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The Public Health Office (PHO) recommends disposing of face masks and gloves as ordinary municipal waste. According to the PHO, used face masks and gloves must be disposed of by disposing of them as municipal waste, ie in a black plastic container. This was stated by PHO in a press release sent by PHO spokeswoman Daša Račková.

What to do with used face masks and respirators?

  • Used face masks and respirators should be placed in a plastic bag and tightly closed.
  • The bag must be disposed of in unseparated municipal waste (black container).
  • Used face masks or respirators do not belong in the sorted waste under any circumstances!
  • Of course, you need to wash your hands and follow all hygiene rules.

According to the latest findings of the World Health Organization, there is no evidence of virus transmission from unprotected human contact in the handling of healthcare waste, which is much more significant in terms of risk than municipal waste. According to the ÚVZ, there is no presumption of the risk of disease transmission in the management of municipal waste in this form. In this context, the Ministry of the Environment recommends that the public does not throw this type of waste into containers intended for waste separation, such as paper or plastic containers.

Since March 12, an extraordinary situation has been valid for coronavirus in Slovakia. In this context, several restrictions have been introduced in the country to prevent the spread of the disease, including the closure of educational facilities from 16 March to 14 days. The Government of the Slovak Republic has also proceeded to declare a state of emergency for the entire healthcare sector. Retail and service establishments are closed, except for food, drugstores, pharmacies, or selected services such as banks or insurance companies.



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