Civil protection

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BOZPO, s.r.o. will provide services in the field of civil protection.

Civil protection’s primary objective is protecting life, health, and property and creating conditions for survival in emergencies and also to announce emergencies. BOZPO prepares civil protection documentation required by Decree 533/2006 Coll.

Scope of civil protection activities:

  • District and local analysis.
  • Safety analysis for companies whose documentation has not been prepared.
  • Preparing civil protection legal documents including protection plan purpose, management study preparation, control activities schedule, crisis management resources, analysis of possibilities in an emergency and other documents.

Tasks in implementing measures to ensure the protection of employees and persons taken into care

  • warning the population and notifying persons,
  • monitoring, regulation of movement of persons and means of transport,
  • decontamination, disposal of hazardous substances, etc.


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Economic mobilization creates conditions to meet the needs necessary for the survival of the population and ensures the activities of armed forces, armed security forces and ensures emergency responders during the crisis.
Central authorities also participated in the implementation of measures for economic mobilization, entrepreneurs and other legal entities and natural persons, who are not intended as subjects of economic mobilization.
The subject of economic mobilization:
  • Central authority designated by the Slovak Government
  • District Office
  • Villages and towns
  • Entrepreneurs, budgetary organizations, contributory organization, public university or non-profit organization providing charitable services identified as an entity of economic mobilization:
    –  by decision of the central authority in its operation or higher territorial unit in the scope of the establishment issued by the state security or
    –  by written statement from the head of the central authority in its operation, head of the district office within its territorial jurisdiction, head of the district office at the county or the chairman of the higher territorial unit in his marshalling scope issued during the period of crisis situations,
  • National Bank of Slovakia
  • Radio and Television of Slovakia
  • Social Insurance
  • Nationality repository
  • Higher territorial unit

We also provide training for employees and staff from civil protection!

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