Occupational health and safety

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OHS is an integral part of fundamental responsibilities at every level of management, senior employees and managers. The level of work environment and safety at the workplace is a main requirement for a successful and productive company. The occupational health and safety approach is appreciated not only by owners, investors, customers but also by the employees. There is no need to worry about professional requirements or economic costs. Economic costs range in per mille of the expense compared to the cost of labour.

Prevention and risks management is one of the most important principles in achieving measurable results in the field of OHS. It needs to be addressed systematically. Based on my 30 years of experience in the field of OHS, I would like to recommend and let you master 5 basic principles:

  1. Set OHS as a fundamental principle and your highest value, and inform all subordinates and managers.
  2. Be an example in the OHS approach and workplace order, e.g., just in the use of PPE.
  3. Identify the fundamental health and safety risks at your workplace and in your company, assess the risks and riskiness of activities before every work.
  4. Require fulfilment of tasks established to eliminate health and safety insufficiencies and also perform regular inspections.
  5. Regularly inform, educate and require the necessary OHS qualifications with a note of informality. Set aside your time and resources.

We would be happy to help you add, expand and maintain the above principles in practice and to work with various modern tools that the legislative, technical and technological conditions allow us to do.

Our company provides services and consultation to a broad range of entities, mainly through contractual services, from small and medium-sized enterprises to the biggest Slovak and foreign employers in the Slovak Republic and the EU. We can provide references upon request. I bring this up because I believe that our team and our company deserve it. I have approximately 200 colleagues who are not indifferent to the result of their work, and I can assure you that they will help you.

Lastly, one more stating: Taking care of safety and order at the workplace and in the assigned sector is not a foreign trend, it is simply reasonable.

Ing. Ján Donič, MBA


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