Safety coordination on construction site

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Pursuant to the requirements of Government Regulation no. 396/2006 Coll. we perform safety coordination on site by fulfilling the tasks of safety coordinator and project documentation coordinator, which includes in particular:

  • The application of general principles of prevention and the requirements for safety and health at work for technical or organizational solutions, on the basis of which the works to be carried out simultaneously or they follow each other.
  • Compliance with the relevant requirements so that employers and self-employed persons apply accordingly general principles to ensure safety and health at work and adhere to an OSH plan.
  • Cooperation between employers in the workplace, in particular when they work in a common workplace and if their activity is linked to one another.
  • Guidance work with regard to the protection of employees and the prevention of accidents and other health hazards.
  • Measures to control the correct application of working procedures.

Specific products for construction sites

In addition to the performance of the Security Coordinator, we can offer you the tools developed by our company:

  • System tool CSI (construction safety indicators)
  • Software E-boz
  • E-learning education for employees entering the construction site
  • Turnstile entry and exit system to keep track of the number of people on site.
  • Sale of certified personal protective equipment, safety signs, sale and service of fire-fighting equipment.
  • Portable security systems

If you are interested, please contact us.

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Construction of automobile plants: KIA Motors Slovakia, PSA PEUGEOT CITRöEN, JAGUÁR LAND ROVER, VOLKSWAGEN Slovakia.
Completion of Units 3 and 4 of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant, construction of a power plant in Berlin, the steam-gas power plant in Malženice, Počerady, construction of a compressor station in Lakšárska Nová Ves and many others. 


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